Everybody loves to eat, but how much thought have you given to where your food comes from? How it got to you? Who grew/raised/ processed it? Whether they had decent working conditions and got paid a living wage? What in fact your food contains? Whether food is as much culture and psychology as it is a material substance? We will examine food in literature, cinema, art and journalism. We will consider food as nourishment; cultural phenomenon; status symbol and propaganda prop – among other things! Along the way, we will touch on such related issues as gender/race/class; the environment; meat production; veganism; and the politics of food. In the process, this College Edge Seminar will induct you into the procedures, rigors, expectations and challenges of a university humanities course. Dig in!

This course will appeal especially to students from any background open to challenging their preconceptions about food, to those interested in how the humanities inform critical issues related to food, and to those interested in learning about Seattle's local food culture. 

Learn more about the instructor of this course: https://slavic.washington.edu/people/jose-alaniz

5 credits of Arts and Humanities coursework towards the Areas of Inquiry requirement.