Environmental Activism Through Arts

How do the arts: film, music, the visual arts, and literature play a role in environmental activism? This seminar explores the role of arts as a tool for activism on issues related to climate change and environmental protection. We will discuss the key importance of environmental issues nowadays and how the arts have contributed to activism, focusing on Latin America, its Indigenous peoples, and the protection of the Amazon Rainforest and Pantanal - the largest continental wetland in the world. This course will also look at how environmental issues have an impact on our everyday lives from changes in the job market and government oversight to migration and health. The class will go on two field trips that will explore environmental activism and art on and around campus.

This course is designed for all first-year students interested in learning more about environmental activism with a focus on the protection of the Amazon Rainforest and the Pantanal (tropical wetland) in Latin America. This is a course perfectly suited to any students who wish to begin their UW journey by learning not only about the world around them, but about our campus, community, and college-level research. 

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This course counts towards 5 credits of Arts and Humanities requirement.