Civil Rights and Law: Exploring Equity for Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Most people never have access to legal education.  This course explores civil rights in the United States from the perspective of our legal system and is facilitated by a distinguished teaching professor from our school of law.   The history of civil rights in the United States is intertwined. The civil rights of LGBTQ people are based on gains from women’s civil rights.  Women’s civil rights are based on gains from racial civil rights.

However, the legal status of civil rights is currently shifting and rolling back protections and recognition of racial equity, gender equity, and sexuality equity.  We will study the development of the law, the current changes, and the questions this raises about our future.  Our course will focus on anchor readings and mini-lectures to provide foundational information.

Student facilitator groups will lead the class in dynamic discussions to deepen our understanding of the materials and answer questions. Weekly response essays will allow each student to individually process and integrate their understanding of the materials.  And small groups will provide final presentations that propose solutions to the problems we find.  And There will be a take-home final exam to pull the materials together and integrate what you have learned.

This course is for students who want to be empowered by understanding the law and its impact on civil rights. This course will develop your critical thinking skills and practical understanding. It is especially helpful for those interested in social sciences and the humanities, as well as those interested in STEM majors.

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5 credits of Social Sciences coursework towards the Areas of Inquiry requirement.