Body Futures: The Past, Present, and Future of the Human Body

We live in a rapidly changing world of biomedicine and bioinformatics. This course will specifically ask how new discoveries in biology encourage us to rethink issues of ownership, communication, geography, identity, and artistic practice. Come find out about the often exhilarating and frequently frightening scenarios of the pasts and futures of your body.

This class will appeal to students who are interested in the role of science and technology in society today; students who are concerned about big data in the biological sciences; students who are interested in the relationship between scientific and creative practice; and students interested in the role of history and its importance in thinking about the future. Much of the innovative thinking in policy, ethics, and values will come from students who have studied the sciences and the humanities. This class will help to prepare and support those types of students.

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5 credits of Social Sciences coursework towards the Areas of Inquiry requirement.